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Humidity Control for Walk-In Coolers

Humecon Pricing

Humecon provides the Sorbite™ Humidity Control System as a month to month rental with periodic exchange of the panels.  Pricing is simple,  $20 plus $5 per installed panel.  A typical 6' by 10' restaurant walk-in cooler requires 3 panels which works out to $35 per month.  A 10' by 14' cooler requires 5 panals at a rate of $45 per month.  If you have two  6' by 10' coolers such as one for produce and the other for meat and dairy the total montly rate would be $20 plus 6 panels at $5 each totaling $50 per month.

Discounts are available for customers with multiple locations.

Humecon Referral Program

Refer a new customer and as soon as they sign up with Humecon, you will get an instant $20 off your next months rental. And that’s no all, for as long as they remain a customer you will continue to get $5 off each and every month.

This program has been so successful, that we now have several customers that get their rental for free!