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Humidity Control for Walk-In Coolers

Humecon, the company and the people

Humecon, LLC

Humecon, LLC was formed in 1992 and is the only independent service provider of the Sorbite™ Humidity Control System in Georgia. Humecon's office is located in the Atlanta Georgia suburb of Canton in Cherokee County about 40 miles to the northwest.

Starting with just a handful of clients like Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn, Emory-Adventist Hospital, the list has grown to well over 150 as of 2006. Clients range from multi-national corporations to small owner operated businesses which are located all over the Atlanta Metro area and North Georgia. Business types include hotels, hospitals, county clubs, sport facilities, and of course, restaurants of all sizes.

Neal Sulmeyer - CEO

Neal Sulmeyer attended California State University at Northridge where he received his B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Bio-Physics. In 1988 he consulted for Humico, Inc. (owners of the Sorbite™ mine) in the development of an improved packaging system for the "Sorbite" mineral. The newly designed panels are still in use today by Humecon, LLC and other provider and distributers around the world. The following year, he and his two partners started Controlled Food Storage, Inc. to provide service using the Sorbite™ Humdity Control System in Southern California. In 1991 he created Humecon in order to sell distributorships in South America, including Argentina and Brasil. In late 1992 he sold his interests in Controlled Food Storage to the other partners, and moved to Georgia to start Humecon, LLC and provide the Sorbite™ humidity control system in the southeast. Mr. Sulmeyer is also the CEO of Kinetic Computing, LLC which creates custom software solutions and web applications for a variety of clients. Mr. Sulmeyer's other interests include amateur radio holding an "Extra Class" licence and operates his station with the callsign K4EA. He is also principle clarinetist with the Reinhardt College Community Orchestra.