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Humidity Control for Walk-In Coolers

With Business, It's Not What You Make.

It's What You Keep!

In thousands of coolers across the country and around the world, food service professionals are using the Sorbite™ Humdity Control in their coolers with its proven ability to reduce costs and improve the experience of their patrons.

"Anyone not using Humecon in their cooler are just being penny wise and pound foolish. There is no doubt in my mind that since using Humecon in my coolers I am saving at least 3 times its cost."
Ed Schmitt, Executive Chef, Dunwoody Country Club. 

"My personal quest is to provide our clientel with not just an excellent but a superior dining experience. The most common feedback from our guests is regarding the exceptional quality of our salads.  I truly believe that Humecon's Humidity Control System plays a major factor in that.  What I don't understand is why so many chefs are not using this simple system in their coolers? It's such a no brainer."
Peter Park, Executive Chef, Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta. 

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Seeing is Believing!

We are so confidant that once you try Humecon, you will never ever want to be without it again. We are willing to take all the risk and install the Humecon Humidity Control System in your cooler at absolutely no charge and let you experience the benefits. If at the end of the trial you are not completely convinced that Humecon will improve quality and save you money, we will remove our system saying "Thanks for trying Humecon".

For a free, no obligation two week trial in your walk-in cooler contact Humecon today!